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Peasant Traditions

Ours, it's a long one


We operate in vegetable production since the 1950's. Our company covers about 150 hectares of land, at the center of Tavoliere delle Puglie.

The entire company surface is intended for the production of full-bodied ortes, such as tomato, broccoli, cauliflower and artichokes.

For about 6 years our production is largely made up of organic vegetable crops, which cover about 50% of turnover, and it is steadily increasing year after year.

peasant traditions

Our products

The tomato type “San Marzano” with typical elongated shape and the unmistakable sweet taste. With unique and inimitable texture, which does not crumble during processing, it guarantees high quality peels.

The “Violet” artichokes are harvested only when they have reached the right degree of maturation. Then they are cut, clean and carefully controlled to choose only the tenderest and tasty hearts.

The “Bella di Cerignola” olive, typical of our Tavoliere lands, is an olive characterized by a large size, with a thick and fibrous pulp and a very high yield. Harvesting is usually done after mid-October.

From the fields at the table, the route is short

the Processing

Only from the best raw materials, handmade, with the oldest procedures. In Puglia, as tradition wants. Careful to the needs of the consumer, we have always kept pace with the times, innovating the production process with the introduction of modern technologies applied to agriculture. Precisely focused on food security has been the choice to grow vegetables with the organic farming system, offering the consumer a controlled and certified product at every step, from production to processing.

cans of tinned

A selection of our crops is reserved for retail sale; worked in place to keep freshness and quality.


of semi-finished product

Our semi-finished products exclusively from organic farming are used by the main Italian food companies.



Violet Artichokes; Tomato typology “San Marzano”, Round Tomato; Olive “Bella di Cerignola”, Peranzana, Leccino; white Garlic.


of crops

In the heart of Tavoliere delle Puglie, with about 70,000 quintals of fresh produce distributed and marketed each year.