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It's what we've been doing for years, it's our tradition.
We cultivate this land with passion, for us and next generations.
Soul & Flower


From intense green color, and from clear and determined taste, our artichokes enhance the taste of peasant traditions.

From the characteristic sweet-bitter taste, it has a low caloric intake, and it’s ideal as an appetizer or as a side dish.

Choose from our three types: Soul, Flower and Petal; discover the one that best suits your dishes and your kitchen preparations.

Puree & Peeled


Our tomato, of the "San Marzano" type from the typical elongated shape, is an excellence of the Puglia tradition.

From the unique and inimitable texture, which does not crumble during machining, it guarantees high quality peels.

Discover our peels and our puree; with a vivid red color, with an unmistakable sweet taste, they are ideal for intense and scented sauces.

Bella di Cerignola

Pride of our land, the ``Bella di Cerignola`` olive is characterized by a large size, fibrous pulp, and a very high yield. Packed whole and with kernel, they are good at natural, for appetizers and aperitifs.


Our semi-finished organic farming products are used by leading Italian food companies.

Information and Customer Service


If you would like more information or need our support, here are our contact information.

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